Developer guide

Getting Started

You must have a working Go environment and then clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ cd aiven-operator


The project uses the make build system.

Building the operator binary:

$ make build


As of now, we only support integration tests who interact directly with Aiven. To run the tests, you’ll need an Aiven account and an Aiven authentication code.

$ make test-acc AIVEN_PROJECT_NAME="<your-project-name>" AIVEN_TOKEN="<your-token>"


The documentation is written in markdown and generated by Hugo and Docsy.

To run the documentation live preview:

$ make serve-docs

And open the http://localhost:1313/aiven-operator/ page in your web browser.

The API Reference section is generated automatically from the source code during the documentation deployment. To generate it locally, run the following command:

$ make generate-docs

To build the documentation locally (outputs to docs/public), run:

$ make generate-docs