Aiven Project

Before going through this guide, make sure you have a Kubernetes cluster with the operator installed and a Kubernetes Secret with an Aiven authentication token.

The Project CRD allows you to create Aiven Projects, where your resources can be located.

To create a fully working Aiven Project with the Aiven Operator you need a source Aiven Project already created with a working billing configuration, like a credit card.

Create a file named project-sample.yaml with the following content:

kind: Project
  name: project-sample
  # the source Project to copy the billing information from
  copyFromProject: <your-source-project>

    name: aiven-token
    key: token

    name: project-sample

Apply the resource with:

$ kubectl apply -f project-sample.yaml

Verify the newly created Project:

$ kubectl get project-sample

NAME             AGE
project-sample   22s