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v0.14.0 - 2023-09-21

  • Make projectVpcId and projectVPCRef mutable
  • Fix panic on nil user config conversion
  • Use aiven-go-client with context support
  • Deprecate Cassandra kind option additional_backup_regions
  • Add Grafana kind option auto_login
  • Add Kafka kind properties log_local_retention_bytes, log_local_retention_ms
  • Remove Kafka kind option remote_log_storage_system_enable
  • Add OpenSearch kind option auth_failure_listeners
  • Add OpenSearch kind Index State Management options

v0.13.0 - 2023-08-18

  • Add TieredStorage support to Kafka
  • Add Kafka version 3.5
  • Add Kafka spec property scheduled_rebalance_max_delay_ms
  • Mark deprecated Kafka spec property remote_log_storage_system_enable
  • Add KafkaConnect spec property scheduled_rebalance_max_delay_ms
  • Add OpenSearch spec property openid
  • Use updated go client with enhanced retries

v0.12.3 - 2023-07-13


v0.12.2 - 2023-06-20

  • Make conditions and state optional attributes of service status. Thanks to @mortenlj
  • Remove deprecated unclean_leader_election_enable from KafkaTopic kind config
  • Expose KAFKA_SASL_PORT for Kafka kind if SASL authentication method is enabled
  • Add redis options to datadog ServiceIntegration
  • Add Cassandra version 3
  • Add Kafka versions 3.1 and 3.4
  • Add kafka_rest_config.producer_max_request_size option
  • Add kafka_mirrormaker.producer_compression_type option

v0.12.0 - 2023-05-10

  • Fix service tags create/update. Thanks to @mortenlj
  • Add prefix name option for secrets. Thanks to @jordiclariana
  • Add clusterRole.create option to Helm chart. Thanks to @ryaneorth
  • Use kind name as default prefix for secrets to avoid collisions. Please migrate your applications before legacy names removed
  • Fix secrets creation on openshift
  • Add OpenSearch.spec.userConfig.idp_pemtrustedcas_content option. Specifies the PEM-encoded root certificate authority (CA) content for the SAML identity provider (IdP) server verification.

v0.11.0 - 2023-04-25

  • Add ServiceIntegration kind SourceProjectName and DestinationProjectName fields
  • Add ServiceIntegration fields MaxLength validation
  • Add ServiceIntegration validation: multiple user configs cannot be set
  • Fix ServiceIntegration, should not require destinationServiceName or sourceEndpointID field
  • Fix ServiceIntegration, add missing external_aws_cloudwatch_metrics type config serialization
  • Update ServiceIntegration integration type list
  • Add annotations and labels fields to connInfoSecretTarget
  • Allow to disable capabilities check to install webhooks. Thanks to @amstee
  • Set OpenSearch.spec.userConfig.opensearch.search_max_buckets maximum to 65536

v0.10.0 - 2023-04-17

  • Mark service plan as a required field
  • Add minumim, maximum validations for number type
  • Move helm charts to the operator repository
  • Add helm charts generator
  • Remove ip_filter backward compatability
  • Fix deletion errors omitted
  • Add service integration clickhouseKafka.tables.data_format-property enum RawBLOB value
  • Update OpenSearch userConfig.opensearch.email_sender_username validation pattern
  • Add Kafka log_cleaner_min_cleanable_ratio minimum and maximum validation rules
  • Remove Kafka version 3.2, reached EOL
  • Remove PostgreSQL version 10, reached EOL
  • Explicitly delete ProjectVPC by ID to avoid conflicts
  • Speed up ProjectVPC deletion by exiting on DELETING status
  • Fix missing RBAC permissions to update finalizers for various controllers
  • Refactor ClickhouseUser controller
  • Mark ClickhouseUser.spec.project and ClickhouseUser.spec.serviceName as immutable
  • Remove deprecated service integration type signalfx
  • Add build version to the Aiven client user-agent

v0.9.0 - 2023-03-03

  • AuthSecretRef fields marked as required
  • Generate user configs for existing service integrations: datadog, kafka_connect, kafka_logs, metrics
  • Add new service integrations: clickhouse_postgresql, clickhouse_kafka, clickhouse_kafka, logs, external_aws_cloudwatch_metrics
  • Add KafkaTopic.Spec.topicName field. Unlike the, supports additional characters and has a longer length. KafkaTopic.Spec.topicName replaces in future releases and will be marked as required.
  • Accept false value for termination_protection property
  • Fix min_cleanable_dirty_ratio. Thanks to @TV2rd

v0.8.0 - 2023-02-15

Important: This release brings breaking changes to the userConfig property. After new charts are installed, update your existing instances manually using the kubectl edit command according to the API reference.

Note: It is now recommended to disable webhooks for Kubernetes version 1.25 and higher, as native CRD validation rules are used.

  • Breaking change: ip_filter field is now of object type
  • Breaking change: Update user configs for following kinds: PostgreSQL, Kafka, KafkaConnect, Redis, Clickhouse, OpenSearch
  • Add CRD validation rules for immutable fields
  • Add user config field validations (enum, minimum, maximum, minLength, and others)
  • Add serviceIntegrations on service types. Only the read_replica type is available.
  • Add KafkaTopic min_cleanable_dirty_ratio config field support
  • Add Clickhouse spec.disk_space property
  • Use updated aiven-go-client with retries
  • Add linux/amd64 build. Thanks to @christoffer-eide

v0.7.1 - 2023-01-24

  • Add Cassandra Kind
  • Add Grafana Kind
  • Recreate Kafka ACL if modified. Note: Modification of ACL created prior to v0.5.1 won't delete existing instance at Aiven. It must be deleted manually.
  • Fix MySQL webhook

v0.6.0 - 2023-01-16

  • Remove never from choices of maintenance dow
  • Add development flag to configure logger's behavior
  • Add user config generator (see make generate-user-configs)
  • Add genericServiceHandler to generalize service management
  • Add MySQL Kind

v0.5.2 - 2022-12-09

  • Fix deployment release manifest generation

v0.5.1 - 2022-11-28

  • Fix KafkaACL deletion

v0.5.0 - 2022-11-27

  • Add ability to link resources through the references
  • Add ProjectVPCRef property to Kafka, OpenSearch, Clickhouse and Redis kinds to get ProjectVPC ID when resource is ready
  • Improve ProjectVPC deletion, deletes by ID first if possible, then tries by name
  • Fix client.Object storage update data loss

v0.4.0 - 2022-08-04

  • Upgrade to Go 1.18
  • Add support for connection pull incoming user
  • Fix typo on config/samples/kafka disk_space
  • Add tags support for project and service resources
  • Enable termination protection

v0.2.0 - 2021-11-17

features: * add Redis CRD

improvements: * watch CRDs to reconcile token secrets

fixes: * fix RBACs of KafkaACL CRD

v0.1.1 - 2021-09-13

improvements: * update helm installation docs

fixes: * fix typo in a kafka-connector kuttl test

v0.1.0 - 2021-09-10

features: * initial release